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Hand In Hand Preschool and Early Development Center

1550 E. Serene Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Phone: 702-407-2956
Fax: 702-407-2958
10760 South Buffalo
Las Vegas, NV 89179

Phone: 702-733-1103
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Safety and Security

entry control systems

Entry Control System

Access to all classrooms is monitored and controlled through the security system at the center hallway entrance in the reception area of our preschool and early development center. The installation and usage of this entry system contributes to a greater level of protection and safety for the children under our care.

Arrival and Pick-up Procedures

Each parent or guardian will be provided with their own personal identification number to access the computerized entry system and check their child into and out of school. A sign in sheet in each classroom signed by the parent or guardian checking their child in and out provides an additional layer of security.

In order to protect our students, only the parents, guardians and adults with written permission from the parents or guardians will be allowed to enter the classroom areas and pick up children.

video monitoring systems

Video Monitoring System

To increase the level of safety and accountability, we have installed a video monitoring system in the areas where children are throughout the day. Cameras monitor all classrooms and outside play areas.

Video monitors are displayed in the reception area for parents to view. In addition, monitors in the main office enable management continuous observation and monitoring of any classroom or play area.

At Hand in Hand Preschool and Early Development Center, your child's safety and security is of the upmost importance. To learn more, please call 702-407-2956.

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