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Hand In Hand Preschool and Early Development Center

1550 E. Serene Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Phone: 702-407-2956
Fax: 702-407-2958
10760 South Buffalo
Las Vegas, NV 89179

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Early Education and Pre-school Program for Our Students
early education program

The philosophy at Hand In Hand Preschool and Early Development Center is based on the belief that the developmental needs and interests of each child are unique and special, along with the commitment that every child is to be valued, respected, and cherished for the individual he or she is.

This belief in children serves as the foundation for creating a developmentally appropriate program combined with a nurturing environment that, together, will foster the cognitive, linguistic, physical, social, sensory, creative, and academic development of each child.

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Teachers with Heart

Hand in Hand students benefit from the most experienced, educated and loving teachers of any preschool or daycare in the Las Vegas area.

Each lead teacher, teacher assistant/aide, and support staff member must pass an extensive background check before joining our team. Our staff have been selected from numerous candidates not only for the education, experience, and qualifications they hold but also for having a sincere heart to work with children.

Many of our staff have been with us since Hand in Hand first opened in 2002 and have helped facilitate the growth, development and early education of the hundreds of children that have progressed through the levels of our program.

Learning and Growing Hand in Hand

At Hand In Hand Preschool and Early Development Center, every child can learn and grow by actively participating in

  • reading
  • writing and language lessons
  • math and science
  • social studies/global awareness
  • art and creative activities
  • concept building and development
  • imaginative and dramatic play
  • environmental exploration
  • problem resolution
  • music-based activities

and other experiences to enhance development through learning, interaction and discovery.

Distinctly Different than Day Care

Hand in Hand is a preschool, not only a day care center in Las Vegas. Our program doesn't simply provide childcare in the Henderson and Las Vegas area. Our program is distinctly different than daycare because we are structured as a traditional school with developmentally approporiate programs and academic curriculum.

The fundamentals and core concepts of our program are based on the principles of early childhood and preschool education. The curriculum for each classroom and age group is carefully composed to ensure your child is being cared for as well as being challenged each day, in new and creative ways.

Call us today at 702-407-2956 and let us show you how Hand in Hand is distinctly different from day care. 

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